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• Medical: 2 FREE grams (w/$20 min., CA Rx required) Order online at shop.stoneagefarmacy.com!


Stone Age Farmacy’s Los Angeles medical & recreational (21+) marijuana dispensary offers a large variety of cannabis products and accessories to our medicinal patients, giving them the best possible medicinal benefit for their condition....


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    Just registered trying to find out

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    I was regular customer to this dispensary and spend anywhere from $250-$350 per week between my wife, daughter and I. I do not remember the date to be exact but it was in December I believe...I am new to this legal weed thing so I really do not know how to buy weed. So when I came in I always asked for recommendations on what to get that won't make us go to sleep.....or I would just always get the oz of mix weed. This young lady this day was having a really bad day and she was giving me all kinds of attitude. I complied and answered her questions. I did not get what I wanted because she was not listening to a thing I said. Then she asked me my name, I said, "Abraham". I guess she did not believe me so she asked my grandson my name and he said, " He just told you...his name is Abraham". She then finally proceeded to check me out. Upon checking me out, my daughter called my phone with an emergency, so unaware of what I was doing because it was my daughter calling; I answered the call. The manager (a black guy) told me that I needed to get off my phone. I blew my breath at what my daughter was saying because of what she said to me on the phone. The young lady that checked me out said, "He is such a girl". Then she and manager started laughing. I then said, "Did you just call me a girl?" She and the manager looked startled that I actually heard them talking and laughing about me. She looked me square in my eyes and said, "Yes I did." I then went slap off. Yes I called her names and everything. All the employees at that point then yelling at me telling me at that time that I can't be talking to her like that. So my response was, " So y'all will just let her sit up here and low rate me and talk about me like a dog and no one says stop to her......but y'all want to say something to me...yall got me F***ed up!" Then security came as if he were going to physically put me out. I looked him dead in the eye and told him, "do not touch me or its going to be lit in here frfr." I walked out on my own and the security guard was walking behind me talking more noise. So at that point, I turned around and told them all, "I want my money back right now!" I gave them their weed back and I took my money to another dispensary and have been ever since. I have never been so public humiliated before in my life. No one tried to do anything that day to see about me and my well-being / attitude about the situation. You all really lost a very loyal customer. My weed bill alone is about $1300 per month (no lie)......and I was giving all of that to your store monthly alone. That is not included what my wife and kids purchased. This was and still is very unacceptable. I was not going to even write a review at all, but this location keeps sending me emails asking me to do a review. I will also follow-through with a review on google and yelp and any other site I can find to let everyone know the unprofessionalism that takes place and condoned by management at this dispensary. Unacceptable!

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  • Med LicenseC10-0000524-LIC