Handford Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensary Reviews in Handford, CA

  • How do I get ahold of you?

  • Polite driver, good weed. Thank you guys!

  • Love this place and Vanessa is awesome

  • Really enjoyed my first experience with them wasn’t rushed out like most places budtenders Were very welcoming Will definitely be back

  • How you get the number for this place, won't come up

  • The delivery time is always good. Whenever I have a problem with a product, they are always willing to give me a new one. The drivers are always friendly and very helpful. Awesome job, keep it up!!

  • I couldn't tell you how they are. No answer from the phone.

  • I'm New....🤓....I'm looking for a topical oil or cream that helps with Arthritis....I want Good Quality that works.......I'm 57 yrs old.

  • Going to call tomorrow. And get directions.

  • Trying to see a menu/ number..need help

  • So, I called this place, and explained that I was looking for a dispensary that does recreational sales, because my medical card is currently expired. He said they do BOTH medical sales and recreational sales, so we would be good. I proceeded to drive an 1 1/2 hours to his shop. When I got there, I called and told him I was there. He said he could not come because there was a police officer parked outside of his shop (I knew this because I was parked right next to the cop) He claimed that he was only worried about being harassed because everything he did was perfectly legal. After calling other dispensaries to find something else, because this guy made it clear that he wasn't going to come because of the cop, I found out that recreational sales don't exist anywhere yet except LA and San Francisco. To summarize, the guy who runs this dispensary was totally okay with having me do something illegal. Hes a fucking joke and so is his "business".

  • nice place

  • Fast, I didn't get any of the free offers for a first time patients order over 100 dollars. Nice driver, didn't know the strains in the pre rolls.

  • Very quick response. Excellent products.

  • Very helpful and knowledgeable staff 5 star rating

  • Staff is very helpful and pleasant

  • Very fond

  • Wrong address -.-

  • Always friendly and professional a day have a great variety to choose from as far as herb,wax,edibles,and drops.....HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

  • CCIC has very knowledgeable staff. Steve and Wes are the best bud tenders i know. You must go to CCIC.

  • first off american care givers (patient 2 patient associates) is a great place!!! awesome staff great buds! been going since they were a little shack years ago ...people who complain about quality for price ....well they didnt force you to pay 40 an 1/8th or what ever for "brown" or premature weed... you could have paid 50 an eighth they always have top shelf well worth the 50 and let you check your buds as best as you want before you even purchase any so check your shit out better and get better quality they are not growing there selection they purchase it from other patients !!


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