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    Fantastic!!! Very professional and friendly!!! Quick response!!! I only use cbd but i love it, It helps with my pain and sleep problems!!! They were also very knowledgeable they are the ones that helped me with trying the cbd when i contacted them I was in dyer need of relief and explained my problems and my concerns they turned me to the cbd!!! Thank you!!!

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    I became a primary care giver to my dad in July 2015. We both went to a dispensary and asked generic questions on what would help with sleeping.  He’s been doing great with his edibles’ for sleep.  He was able to stop his ambien, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and norco medication, all of which were prescribed after a intestinal surgery he was having a hard recovery from.  He also struggled with pruritus, which may have been linked to all his new prescriptions leading to cellulites of both legs. His Doctor prescribed multiple antibiotics, creams, and steroids for the past 6 months, his legs always looked slightly better with each new medication, but they never stopped itching and by no means fully healed. His itching started to affect his sleep; he and I both were seeking other alternatives again.
       I contacted Hashtag holistics, after a consult over the phone; the owners were able to deliver CBD oil for my dad’s legs. They were super friendly and explained how to use the oil. I’m excited to see this new business grow and expand more services to veterans like my dad.
    Within one hour of application; he noticed his legs did not itch. He has continued the oil once to twice a day with amazing results. After 7 days his legs healed. He and I both feel empowered to have Hashtag holistics help us with our new journey in alternative health options. 

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    Very friendly, great customer service. Ordered flowers and co2 vape catridge, both very good. Love the any 3 eighths for 100 deal. Vape cartridge very tasty