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Pacoima Evergreen Healing - PEH - Specials Include: 2G FOR $25/ANY STRAIN* (MIX AND MATCH) - 5G FOR $55/ANY STRAIN* (MIX AND MATCH) - UPGRADE ANY 1/8 TO 4G FOR $5 - OG PRE-ROLL 2 FOR $5 - OG SHAKE SPECIALS 2G FOR $5 -- VARIOUS D.O.G.O. (DONATE ONE...


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    I've never been let down!
    I am an all around fan of PEH. The quality is top notch, I've never had bad medicine and I've smoked their lower priced selection, high grade, and everything in between. The prices are fair and competitive! All the staff that has helped me, know what they're talking about. They took the time to help me find out which strain is right for me and I appreciate that. The only thing that sucks sometimes is parking but if you go once the car lot closes its all good. Over all I give them an "A"! I am a loyal customer ;)

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