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T.F.J. The Famous Joint located 13120 Van Nuys Blvd. Unit E Pacoima Ca, 91331. We are open Sun-Thurs. 10AM to 10PM Friday and Sat 10AM to 12AM. Parking guaranteed. The Famous joint is a Non-Profit Organization where we understand our patients...


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    This is the spot <3
    They not only hook it up but, the staff is amazingly helpful. Staff is very knowledgeable with all product. You wont be disappointed. PLUS the shop is VERY clean no random people walking behind the counter. They took care of me and their weed is BOMB! Edibles are fire as well. The D.O.G.Os are where its at!!!

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    This is the best dispensary I have been too. The people are great, I love this p
    The people are great, I love this place, great choices and very nice people

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