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free joint and edible all 1/8ths are supersized to 4grams!\r\nmilitary, disability, senior citizen discount.\r\nDaily specials and giveaways !


  We are a non profit organization  whose aim is to provide patients in our collective with a  descrete, fast, reliable and safe method of obtaining there medication. Our mission is to fulfill each patient’s individual...


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    Sent my order through txt message and nobody called me back... So I called after 30 mins and talk to this girl who doesn't know how to answer a phone and said she will call me back within the next 10 mins to verify me.. Never called back! By the time I called back 20 more minutes later they sent my call to voice mail.. Says online they are open til 2am wtf?!!! The least thing this girl could of told me on the phone was that they closed early or something and was sorry that she could not process my order instead of me waisting time..

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    Ok, my comp went out or Id have comment sooner. Yes, Ive been here before, yes I
    P.S. I accidentally clicked 1 on the seediness and can't figure out how to undo it. But that was a total mistake I never found a seed in anything Ive ever gotten here. Best delivery meds on the market!!!

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    Very good
    This a nice spot to get from. The people on the phone are cool and friendly. The meds are really good, the delivery guys are cool. They arrived pretty quickly after receiving order, only about 40 min. And my place is kinda hard to find, many a pizza has been late, but these guys found me no problem. Be sure ask about their deals because theres something there everyone will like.

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