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Completely surrounded by mountains, Redding is a city of adventure and exploration. When first visiting, it’s hard to imagine a more picturesque place to visit, let alone live. The Shasta Trinity National Forest is directly north, Mendocino National Forest is to the south, and Lassen National Forest is just to the east – no matter where you go around Redding, you are surrounded by stunning landscapes, lush-green forests, and vivid mountain wilderness. Fishing, kayaking, biking, hiking, skiing, exploring caverns – you will never run out of adventure in Redding, California.

Another new reason to also visit Redding is their updated marijuana ordinances. While California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, Redding was one of many cities to approach retail sales of cannabis cautiously. After many years of proposals and incremental change, Redding (along with the rest of Shasta County) finally passed an ordinance to allow the sale of medical and recreational weed within city limits. There are several dispensaries throughout the city, all of which are required to close by 8 PM. Dispensaries are allowed, however, to provide online ordering and delivery services. Please note that, like every city in every state, marijuana cannot be smoked in public and it is illegal to drive while under the influence.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Redding, CA

  • Is marijuana legal in Redding?

    Yes! Marijuana is legal in Redding. You can use and possess both medical and recreational marijuana, so long as you are at least 21 years old and/or have a valid medical marijuana card. 


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Redding?

    You can legally buy both medical and recreational marijuana in one of the various dispensaries throughout Redding. When you purchase marijuana, you must have a medical marijuana card and/or a government-issued ID in your possession. 


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Redding?

    Yes! It is legal to smoke weed in Redding, California, so long as you are not in public or within sight of the public – this includes the national forests and parks that surround the city. Also, if you want to smoke on private property (i.e. hotel, Airbnb, apartment complex), you must have the consent of the property owner(s).


  • Is weed delivery available in Redding?

    Yes! While not all dispensaries offer delivery services, there are a few that provide delivery to individuals within a certain range of the store. Additionally, some stores offer free delivery for larger purchases (see individual store websites for more details). 


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Redding?

    Yes! Dispensaries in Redding do allow for online purchases and in-store pickup. Make sure to have a government-issued ID or valid medical marijuana card when picking up your purchase. 


Redding Dispensary Reviews

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    Charleen reviewed PACKS
  • Terrible ass weed and service. Literally would rather smoke grass.

  • I love my favorite dispensary and loved how they are out going friendly staffers. Delivery was so fantastic with them. I pout they aren't going to be open to the public and I love this place so much. It won't be the same. Rehab you guys are amazing people and I won't forget you all.

  • Very polite and never have to wait Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Thank you 20 cap

  • I placed a weedmaps order and total was $19.90, when i got there they wanted $25!!! WTH?! I kept asking why?! Kep showing my WEEDMAPS RECEIPT but they just kept saying well idk idk but this is our total, we charge BAG FEE of $5?! Are you serious?! They charge an extra 10-15% on top of weedmap price and tax! That's not cool, if you are scamming people $5 for bag then PUT IT IN THE WEEDMAPS SO PEOPLE KNOW WHAT A POS you are. OLD HIPPY dude is pos for not honoring the weedmaps price that i showed on my receipt.

    Lytt, LLC
  • Dank weed speedy delivery will be ordering again

  • My experience with this company with a $100 dollar order. The eighth of weed i purchased is mediyorker good very little crystal content . the weed i recieved was on par with $10 a gram stuff from the valley Iam very disappointed in the live resin pre packaged gram i bought it came to me all dry and brittle old product this company should have sold for $20 a gram at discount a long time ago.

  • Very good

  • The service I recieved from Capital Cannabis is like no other!!!! Every single person I've had encounters with, have been so extremely helpful! I appreciate the hospitality and will definitely continue to order with Capital Cannabis.... ESPECIALLY because I rarely ever have to wait over 30 min for a delivery!! Talk about Speedy Gonzalez !!! thank u!!

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