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According to our sources, this business is permanently closed. Portions of this business have been archived for your convenience.

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First Time Patients

All first time patients will recieve a free gift with their first donation. Peninsula Organix believes that all patients will be pleased with the services and the pr


Peninsula Organix is committed to bringing you THE BEST quality Medical Marijuana products in the California Bay Area delivered to your door, we pride ourselves on providing products and service that surpass the donation! We offer mix and match...

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  • I placed an order and a very friendly driver showed up so quick, it was very convenient. The pricing is very competitive and products are top knotch. I will be repeating my order and using them exclusively going forward 😊

  • Great prices. Great bud. You pay for better quality. So if you pay cheaper it’s not going to be that good. Spend some good money they will take care of you!

  • Just found this place great flower Speedy Delivery will try great deals

  • They know what they doing exactly 100%

  • Staff is very friendly and helpful

  • Cool spot.

  • All I can say is that this place is so classy and top of the line is located right next to the Alameda bay. From the minute I walked in I noticed one of the security guys I went to middle school and right school with was really happy to see me. Then you walk inn and there's a metal detector wich is understandable. because of the the great stuff located inside makes you feel more safe and free to make your donations. Then I met Courtney a great looking girl with amazing personality. She was very kind to show me around and walk me though the whole place it was amazing she was very helpful I felt like I was being treated like a v.I.p amazing show room and many things this health center offers back to the community. Then I met Vanessa at the counter she was very helpful she had a big smile and was really attentive ended up scoring some of the best medication I've had and for a reassonable price. Overall. My experience here was the best I've had ever all I can say policy is don't miss th

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