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Free 1.5 Grams!!!! On all donations over $25.00 + 1 FREE 1 gram Cone (preroll)


Serving San Pedro with only top quality meds!!!  

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    very nice i love it!
    first of all when i went in there for the first time the inviroment in that room was a chill friendly inviroment and they have good deals and good wax and i can complain about the flowers:) i will defenetly go back there i recomend it 100% you guys ! no joke you will love it and love the friendly staff.:)

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    ~Love It ~
    This is the place to get your wax! Very clean enviornment and the staff is soo Dope <3 The Girl Scout Cookie wax is the best. Also my favorite flower is their Baby Bubba check it out :)

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