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All patience will receive aFREEEEEEE 8th of our very popular Primo O.G (valued at 25) with a donation of any 8th... Donate for a quarter and get a quarter free.. Donate for a ounce and get an ounce free.. Donate for a gram and get a gram free.. If...


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    They have good stuff, quality between 4 and 5 stars. Price is still high knowing that most of the other places sell their top shelf and their best of the best for $50 for 5 grams and $90 for 9 grams. Bud tenders: I dealt with 2 females earlier and they were the best in town, 2 males and they were OK and a very short guy who gave me the worst stuff on earth and was the most horrible budtender I have seen in 17 other dispensaries. I asked him for a freeby joint, candy or pie since I did business 5-6 times earlier. He said: "no, no gifts for customers after first visit, it's like we got you by balls!" It was my last visit to My Buds. I like their stuff but they must realize that there are so many other dispensaries surrounding them who have supper stuff too. Good luck Mr. Short, you are very good in turning customers away. Have you counted how many dispensaries are surrounding you within 2 miles radius, the answer is 123 dispensaries!!!

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