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    You guys have the awesome genetics... lets just give the people exactly what they want

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    You guys have no idea how bad it is to give people unconsciously, cuttings in which you know are not what are desired... people waste thousands of dollars and also their lives get ruined.... Do the right thing please

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    Wasted thousands from genetics here I am not a newb buyer beware. Remember I said I told you so 2 months from now.

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    Don't know yet
    Went to Cloneville and bought a cut of Girl scout cookies then went back a few days later and bought another cut of Girl scout cookies. A month later with 22 years of experience it is clear that the two cuts are totally different, one grows like a sativa and the other like an indica. I asked the owner about the two different cuts and he said they were the same but there is a small chance that a customer could have put one back in the wrong tray. Is this the real girl scout cookies from northern California that cost $2000 for 6 clones from Berner the Rapper????, I notice Cloneville calls their strain “Original girl scout cookies” and not just Girl scout cookies. If it is Girl scout cookies??? this is the deal of the century. Being from Oakland, I will re-post the results, but at least one of these plants is a fraud. I can’t give Cloneville a rating yet until after I find out if either of these strains are Girl scout Cookies and not some Durban mix like all the other fakes out there. The bottom line is, if Clonevilles Girl scout cookies cut did not come from Berner or someone close to him, then???????????

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    Clean Clones no bugs
    friendly staff, wide selection of clones, different sizes. i had a very nice experience.