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Thousand Oaks Dispensary Reviews

  • Lately it's been a rather unpleasant experience coming here. Each time takes half an hour or more even when there's no one around. Yesterday for the 420 deals I came twice, once before work and then on my break. I waited each time around 50 minutes and went home empty handed since they had too many people l guess. Funny thing is I went to another dispensary the same day and they had twice the amount of people waiting and I got in less than 30 minutes. I went today just to see if there was anything left but even though there wasn't any one there they were talking for awhile so I decided to come because again I was on my break and I had things to do. When I came back and there wasn't anyone there I got in but there wasn't any deals that I was interested in since I don't use cbd mixed or based products. I'll come specifically for demo days but no way on 420..not really worth it in my opinion.

  • Good prices

  • Closed down thanks

  • Best flowers i have yet to find in Dc, always on time wit some of the best product on the market.

  • these people are scumbags drug dealers overpricing everything they discriminate and run by nepotism and favoritism

  • Very clean and bright, great selection of top shelf flowers, edibles and concentrates. Also have a varity of CBD concentrates, edibles and beverages

  • The original Venice collective, these folks are really great. All age groups are welcome and treated with respect. Knowledgeable staff, very helpful. Excellent quality and always tested for impurities. If you want a mature, respectable collective to visit, this one is it.

  • Awsome Dispensary!!! came by earlier an I soot amazed! Awesome deal Great atmosphere and best of all Amazing fresh flowers I highly recommend everyone to check this place out!!! ;)

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