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    under my standards
    It's clear that the staff is doing their best but when you have high prices and really low end meds that barely have a noticeable effect, you can't expect to be on top or attract new customers.

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    a valiant struggle
    What I love most about this place is that the staff really gives its all for the client! It's a bit over the average score but I can wait and keep being one of their customers until they lower their prices :)!

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    Tested out and didn't leave quite a tast
    I heard from a friend of mine that this place is sweet; but since I knew he was kinda poor I was skeptical. And for good reasons! The goods isn't that good (although a few things caught my eye like the fact that if they run out of something they quickly refill). The budtenders seemed a bit paranoid, they weren't very talkative nor willing to say more than "we have what you see".
    Leaving this aside, prices aren't that tough although you could find better and cheaper stuff elsewhere, variety is good(I've been searching for some purple fire for quite awhile) and even the staff starts being nicer if you pass by often enough.

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