Vancouver Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensary Reviews in Vancouver, CA

  • Drive by and did not see a buisness name on the building so I was nervous. But went inside and they are very professional, they check your I’d make you sign in. This is a cash only buisness but the have a atm. Very friendly security and staff.

  • They are the best in cannabis and quantity. #number 1 in the high desert.

  • Fast response by email. Legit business. Offer online consult and cards too.

  • So far my experience with Greenway has been that they ripped me off for $40. I paid them $40 for a phone evaluation. They mailed me a photocopy of the recommendation. However, none of the dispensaries I have showed my rec to have accepted it, they say the rec needs to have original signatures and the original seal (not a photocopy). I called them 3 weeks ago to get them to send me an original copy and spoke with a rather rude receptionist who assured me I would have the original copy within 2 weeks. It has now been 3 weeks and I just called them back... the receptionist was nicer this time but we will see if/when I ever get a valid rec in the mail from them....

  • Rehab Delivery very professional and helpful staff

    reviewed REHAB Delivery
  • You took my money and now won't except my phone calls

  • Been going to the Joint for quite some time and they never disappoint on quality or price. Drivers are always friendly and come in a timely manner. If you're looking for a new place to try stop by the Joint and make sure you don't miss out on their FTP it's the best in Barstow and all of the High Desert.

  • Very good bud best prices great community service love there speedy delivery n prices

  • Ijust love the price the people the speedy time if you want fat speedy gs this is the place charles end of Tropic Tunder andthe MK ULTRA

  • The is great , dense, smell through the bag 👏🏿👏🏿🔥🔥🏆👌🏾

  • Best meds in town and a quick delivery very happy return patient highly recommended

  • I order often and every time the staff is always on point and helpful . Also they take care of their customers wich is much appreciated , their flowers along with all the staff especially Nate and lance !!! Thanks ogdiscountpharmacy!!!!

  • Fire very nice pepole

  • Love it nice people

  • Gonna try it for the first time. Hopefully things work out.

  • Best price in town

  • a.v.m.a. has always got the best buds ever....i love thurr service im so happy you guy r n dedicated to a.v.m.a.......all strains are tha bomb.....i love that snoopdogg.......

  • everytime i come to a.v.m.a.i im so pleased with thurr strains......i love all thurr top shelf......its real deal.....see you guys today.......thanks...tonysnow

  • I love a.v.m.a.l thy treat me so good...n all thurr top shelf...r bomb..I love tha kustomer service.....good job.....guys.. Thanks....A.E..

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