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    High disappointment
    I have been with these caregivers for about two years. I have had no complaints or problems until now. A driver came to deliver last week and ended up losing a jar of kali mist after leaving my house. He called me back asking if I had seen it and truthfully told him no. Minutes later the manager contacts me saying the driver lost a jar and he insisted I had it. Again I said no and thought nothing of it until today when I attempted to order some meds. I texted them up and waited for a response. 30 mins later i texted again for confirmation and they end up replying they are refusing service to me because the driver was missing a jar. I ended up talking with the manager and driver for over an hour pleading my case. Eventually the manager said it was up to the driver and finally the driver agreed after some time to make a delivery. I told him over the phone I wanted to split a quarter of tko OG and blue dream. I even told him to pre weigh it so he didn't have to take out the jars. He shows up with two different buds in the same bag and says it's for 70 so I give him the $70. He ends up telling me how he had to pay for the missing jar for it out of his own pocket. He also said that it had to still be here and that my wife may have taken the jar. I held back every insult and bad thought that built up in that instant when he accused my wife of stealing the weed right to my face. And said truthfully again that it was not her and not in my house. He leaves and I go in to check my bud, the blue dream was one nug with a big stem in the middle that weighed 3.4 and the tko OG was not tko at all. Instead it's some other cheaper sativa silver haze. I texted him right away to catch the driver while he was still close by but he didn't respond until he was far and said for me to hold the weed until tomorrow when the next driver would take care of it. I contacted the manager again and he told me the driver would not make it tonight because he had other deliveries. I told him I had waited all day (which was over three hours of begging and pleading and waiting) but they still said no. I forget this drivers name but it's not Noe. I gave him so many chances even after being accused of stealing and denied service, and then when he does finally decide to make good the driver gives me the opposite of what I asked for and still refused to take responsibility for it. He tells me that the tko cost 75 and if I knew the tko was supposed to cost more why did pay 70 for it. I told him I wanted to pay 75 but he told me 70. I thought he was just providing good customer service and giving me a discount for the inconvenience of getting slandered. It's not the patients fault if the driver loses a jar of weed after leaving their place. I can no longer trust cgc if their representatives cannot keep track of inventory, customer orders, or take responsibility for their own actions. Order at your own risk. Beware the drivers and make sure they leave with everything they came with otherwise they will blame you. It's sad for me to lose them like this because I was with them for so long and always regarded them as "honest and consistent".

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