Delivery Reviews in Willits, CA

  • Excellent, very knowledgeable staff. I’ve visited on two separate occasions with different staff and they know there stuff. Costs a lot more to go legal, but you don’t have to be paranoid about it anymore. Nice place, would recommend. Check em out.

  • Chronic

  • They were so helpful and made me feel so comfortable with my first visit. I returned soon after excited about picking up a product I was hoping would help me even further with my pain and again my experiences were great!!!! Wonderful staff!!! Great Products!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • This place is GREAT!! I stop by every weekend when I come to the coast for work. Best quality buds and edibles. Super nice women that work there.

  • Buds filled with powder mildew. Please don't shop here you can die from smoking pm.

  • They never shut down. They are open noon till 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Summer hours begin March 1 and they are 11 am till 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

  • The Store hours listed here are only Sunday from 11 AM to 7 PM. A phone call made on another day rang and rang and was never answered, but was not disconnected.

  • Friendly, helpful. I'm grateful for the leonard moore co-op.

  • All of the LMC's meds are top notch and available at affordable pricing. Products you pay $60 at Harborside in Oaktown are just $35 at LMC. The Ingrid concentrate is literally the best I have ever smoked. That "dragonfly"person is nothing but a can't diss everything about the LMC like that without being just a hater.

  • When I read the other reviews I start to wonder whether they are talkiing about the same Leonard Moore Cooperative that I just went to. The flowers definately aren't fresh and the chemical taste left in the back of my throat makes me doubt whether or not it was organic. I have since been going elsewhere.

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