Witter Springs Marijuana Doctor Reviews

  • Was Told, They were not excepting New Patients!

  • staff is knowledgable and chill! good deals fire weed!

  • Good smoke good eeed thanks

  • Overall the best!Great staff great products and fast delivery

  • This guy laughs at a 5 year being murdered and stated f*ck Cannon in another comment. Not the person I recommend doing business with. I don’t wish harm against you, but I sure hope Karma kicks your ass soon.

  • Cancel this business. The owner is a racist POS

  • The owner is a POS racist. He condoned the killing of that 5 year old boy Cannon who was shot on his bike since he was white! drive the extra 35 miles and go to Urban Treez in studio city.

  • Driver very cute and friendly. Fast delivery..

    Love Bud
  • I placed my first order and got a delivery in 20 minutes...fast.

  • Awful, can't leave a review on product because they can't deliver.

  • Ordered some Lemon OG from NCN it was super good quality and very frosty. Especially with good delivery time highly recommend

  • Great place quality extracts fun great place to go

  • Nice delivery drivers--they are geared to please the customer.

  • great love your place and now you deliver yahooo

  • Went in once and liked it a lot next time I showed up a few min. Before closing but before 9 pm and security guard was a total ass hole said sorry were closed and I said it’s not nine yet but he was more concerned with going home that serving customers! He then followed me to my car and tapped on window to leave property and I was really appalled at the length he went to to be rude . I will never go back and it’s close to my house

    Thomas A. reviewed NUG
  • Dope Products, Dope People. I love the location and the store front itself. It's very inviting and everyone of the employees is pretty knowledgeable.

  • Fast forward to this evening. I order flower again, at a quoted THC%. After waiting about two and a half hours I called to check on my order. “It’s still in transit” said the dispatch, “give us twenty minutes and we will text you with an ETA Update” 4 HOURS LATER AND I STILL HAVE NO FLOWER AND NO DRIVER ETA UPDATE. I called to check in again, and they assured me the driver would be here soon. As he arrived and I checked my flower, i was shocked to see I was given the wrong flower yet again. Less than one week later. I asked him to correct it and he said “well what do you want me to do about this, we’re busy man. Sorry” I asked him if he had to correct weed I ordered and he laughed and said “well no - that’s what I have to give you” I then proceeded to ask for my money back, and he gave me an attitude saying “this is what you ordered man, I can’t give it back to you.” KUSHAGRAM has a policy to CHEC

  • Flower is so so but the kicker here is the arsehole of a person the owner is. Telling a repeat customer that he’s doing me a favor for going out of his way and delivering in my area. This is after screwing up my order. Not once, but twice. And in succession. Sent me something totally different from what i has ordered and promised to make it up to me with two extra grams on my next order just so that I keep the order. And guess what? He added one gram to my order today. One Effin gram. He really had to short change me on a gram. SMH

    Love Bud
  • Great prices out the door for raw garden def my go to shop

  • High quality buds and great wax they have Dank carts

  • Try to AVOID AT ALL COST - Paid $60 for .5 cartridge, which leaked in its packaging. Provided pictures and sufficient details to have some sort of exchange or refund. I contacted them regarding the issue 26 hours after delivery, they DID NOT HONOR because their policy states within 24 hours. Not fair to be selling non-working parts, especially expensive one... And then run away with a lack of integrity and responsibility.

  • My driver was Hayden and his services were great! He communicated and delivered my weed without a problem. Made the whole experience a lot more easier, thanks again Hayden!

  • I would like to file a formal complaint . I was approached "from behind" and was practically taken out of my hands some bags of groceries under the false pretense of "helping me carry" while simultaneously pushing himself upon me and actually molesting me and feeling my breasts! ! ! I said "put my bags down and I never want to see your face again" If that is who you have representing your company, you are in serious trouble. PLEASE send me the phone number of your San Francisco division because the PREDATOR approached me again today while it looked like to me he was just walking up to anybody trying to make a sale. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY check your inventory! PLEASE SEND ME A CONTACT NUMBER this has to be reported to the POLICE and I will seek legal actions against that person and your company as well ... It happened last week and again today, July 23 2020 ... You must be made aware of this so that PREDATOR doesn't do it to ANYONE ELSE ! ! ! PLEA

  • The website is tricky...robotic...somewhar

  • Seems pretty close to top colleges...must be high minded

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