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Dispensary Reviews in Ashburn

  • Worst weed I ever smoked 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Awesome service. I hit these guys up whenever I’m in DC. One time there was a mixup and they corrected it without trouble the next time. Drivers call with ETAs so I’m not left guessing. A lot of the time there is free gift.

  • First time I decided to the rollin stoners and it didnt go so well. I only got 2 of the 6 strains i asked for they also gave me 2 stains im not even sure what they are. tried calling and texting just to let em know and they wont respond. there are plenty of other places to choose from. ill be going somewhere else next time i suggest you do the same.

  • Long Term Customer. My Favorite in Dc. I only order flower and this is the best in DC I've tried 20+ strains and all have been true to strain and great quality I appreciate it I'm vaping at low temps I just want to try new tasty strains . Thanks for making it easy Buddha.

  • Great drivers, and pretty dang responsive, which is awesome. Especially when your on the go. Good work guys!!

  • Fast response, on-time delivery, friendly driver, excellent product. Very appreciative for great performance on a busy Saturday.

  • ordered a dart from them and had it in my hands within the hour! super speeeedy delivery and awesome customer service ~ highly recommend ~ well known in dc for top quality and never fail 2 deliver! thank uuuu will be ordering again soon

  • So far, loving what I got. Unfortunately, didn't get everything I ordered. Next time, I'll be sure to check bag before delivery person leaves.

  • Fairly sure this is an info-mining scam. Remember not to send anyone your personal information, especially photo copies/pictures of government ID, to strangers. If a delivery driver needs to check your ID at the exchange, that's one thing, but don't pre-send your info to anyone. This is ID THEFT 101.

  • Great quality flower speedy delivery and honest drivers they’re was a mix up on my order and the delivery donation and driver made it correct definitely will be back soon.

  • Ok so I’ve been trying different places on ww for the past couple of years now, and Art Supply is without a doubt the most consistent with quality and making sure their customers are happy and taken care of. Cannot thank them enough. I’m literally speechless.

  • Always excited for the Washington Dabbers, cant beat these deals!

  • The best shop in DC. The guys running this business are great and very understanding. And the quality of the product is high quality just like their customer service. Only choice inside Washington D.C.

  • I’ve ordered from them a few times and each time it’s been quick, efficient and they are very responsive. I always give a tip each time because it’s juat an awesome experience. The bud is always fresh and very potent. Haven’t had one complain about anything.

  • Amazing customer service! there packaging is delightful! Always cheers me up with their awesome gifts! Super convenient, and just amazing weed. Also love these employees! they are super sweet

  • This bud is straight HUFFF😡😡😡 um mad sitting hear smoking this BS

  • Can't say enough about Buddha Buddy! Last time they took a late night order from me, accommodated when I changed locations, and even included a preroll as an extra gift. They were so helpful and responsive over text, and the driver was super nice. Not to mention the product is quality and consistent. Can't go wrong here!

  • Five stars, once again. Best flowers you'll find in DC. That 501 OG tastes so nice! Look the price isn't low but after about 5 or 6 purchases I've seen the most consistent quality flowers in the area. Worth the price for quality and consistency. Thanks Elevator.

  • The staff at 420 gets me right all the time. Customer service and deliveries deserve kudos

  • I place an order at 5:47 than received this text message:Unfortunately we don't accept new donors after 530. Instead of being professional about just canceling the order. I was made to feel as if placing the order was a dumb thing on my part. I will never give my money where it is not appreciated!

  • My go-to crew for months now. Consistently good stuff and,they are FAST. None of this waiting around for hours BS you get from others

  • By far the best bud ive gotten off of this app. Ive used a few different vendors and these guys are the only ones that actually have whats pictured. I got the mimosa and la kush cake by jungle boys theyre both gas 🔥🔥 . The prices are whats expected for designer weed. They were very prompt, accomodating and my driver (whos name i dont remember beacuse im high af rn) was hella knowledgable. I give em a 10/10 and plan on being a repeat customer.

  • quick service and nice driver! pricy but well worth

  • Awful experience!! The driver showed up late, and they pushed me not to cancel my order... so I waited... and when the driver showed up he took my money— and handed me a bag that was missing 1 of the two items I ordered, which cost $100!! They essentially stole $100 from me— do not buy from this company. Wish I could give 0 stars.

  • Everything from quality, to price to driver and speed was top-notch. will definitely be ordering again

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