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  • All I have to say is WOW! Everything from the menu, price, and the drivers is grade A, and the concentrate was the best I've tried since we arrived. Keep doing what you're doing! =D

  • On time delivery...qualityalways on point. Get your gift bag now

  • Have never went wrong ordering from paq shaq always has some of the freshest best tasting buds and on point with delivery and replying.

  • This is review is way past overdue and this company deserves all the praise! I’ve been going here for over a year now and there quality is one of the best in dc. If you are looking for top shelf flower and a huge selection of concentrates and vapes at a fair price then this is your place. The drivers are by far the best out of any service ive been to and are always on time and give etas. They are always willing to help and answer questions if you need. Also there edibles are A1 as well. Can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you all for going above and beyond every time!!

  • Great quality products, great service, great communication. Will definitely be back.

  • Bad business, check your order before they roll away...

  • FAKE CARTS dont buy!!!!

  • Excellent service, highly recommend

  • Always punctual and consistent ! Deff worth the jump in price as well, quality can't be beat

  • Friendly and responsive service. Got 10.5 grams for $125 total. Decent to good quality. I was happy with my experience.

  • Always been a fan of this company. I was one of the first customers and have remained loyal for obvious reasons. They don’t bullshit and their products always keep me occupied. They are very professional and personable which is exactly what I’m looking for.

  • So far my favorite company hands down 🤗 I mean come on, the product speaks for itself. Plus everyone is super nice from the person on the phone to the driver. They work with your schedule throughout the day to find a winning situation for everyone. Won’t be going anywhere else. 💁🏼‍♂️

  • These folks put the “pro” in professional. Would definitely order again

  • Definitely top notch gas here folks. Fresh clean smell and beautiful. I got the billy kimber and ice cream cake. All i can say is they got the REAL billy...and the ice cream cake looks like something from jungle boys collection. Terps shine through both. Driver took a lil longer than expected but other than that straight fire 🔥🔥🔥🖼🚒📣📣📣📣

  • This is my honest review. The gas here is GREAT. At least what i had. I had the ice cream cake amd the billy kimber. Botg of em designer level. They are definitely among the top services as far as quality. The driver took forever other than that good stuff

  • Reggie pressure....

  • Got an ounce of the cheapest bud and it wasn't spectacular. I left a review saying how dissatisfied I was and I was contacted within an hour or two. They offered me an exchange for a higher quality ounce but I misunderstood and forgot to bring the original ounce to give them. They ended up giving me a half o for free.

  • These dudes got some of (if not) the best flower in the city! High quality meds in a very timely fashion

  • Trash all way round the board. Communication is little to none, timing is definitely off and flower is just mediocre out of 3 only 1 was ok. Driver was cool and professional

  • The second time using herb I have to report that the five stars I rated them isn't enough. I was stuck in traffic, imagine that, their driver beat me to the arranged meeting point and stayed there until I got there. The product was spot on, weight and quality. the driver also let me add to my order as he had some extra carts, Wht go to anybody else unless you're after a strain herb doesn't have. I only hope, that as time passes, and herb realizes I am a regular, he throws in a few freebies to make the 14 hour day to reach him more enjoyable.

  • SHITTY! Sometimes you have to branch out and see what other companies have to offer and every time I do, I see why I hate it. It wasn't any different this time around and this company will definitely waste your time, not communicate with you and will try to pull the old, "My drive was in an accident." bit because it now 5 hour later and they don't want to deliver anymore. I ordered at 7:30ish and at 11:30 i text them to see if they were still come and I get the accident bit, but they weren't going to let me know untill I inquired. So don't let them waste your time too.

    D.H. reviewed Sugar High
  • I reviewed Puff in past days. They came through for me. They were more professional than all others. Under 60 min wait. 2nd trip round there was a present for me I wasnt expecting. It's worth posting a extra special review. So many people dont know how to conduct good business. PUFF does for sure. Thanks again

    JPUD6032 reviewed PUFF
  • I was kinda antsy when they delivered at the end of the window of expected delivery, but it was apparently just traffic and they delivered it just fine.

  • Was from outta town and had a great experience. Staff was great all communication was clear. Price was good. Loved everything. Will definitely do repeat business when in city again.

  • Great experience. First time using them. I was kept updated by the driver about the ETA, they came right within the appointment time. Fast, easy, transaction. Will definitely be ordering again.

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