Durango Dispensary Reviews

  • Best place to go tenders are the best always so helpful n cheery n always treats me as#1

  • Absolutely awesome. The staff was friendly and well informed, and Jesse was especially good to us. We weren't treated like two older women but like two ladies. Thank you Jesse for making us feel comfortable.

  • The staff are awesome, friendly and very helpful when choosing the bud for you.

  • This is for TJ!!!! Awesome job helping my husband and I with questions last night. Thank you so much for the recommendation as well. -M

  • Dante is one of the best places to shop

  • Very nice peeps and place

  • Great service, great prices, great location and excellent quality

  • I haven't been here yet....but vacation comes in 4 weeks....guess who's gonna be there to check you out?? :D Can you give me just a rough price on the wax and tincture plz?

  • awesome selection

  • i went to DO twice, the first time I bought a clone and they use like a roxkwool cube or some kind of growing cube in the dirt and after a week of battling root aphids I cut that rockwool open and there was like 1000 apihids it was a breeding ground after looking online to see where they could of come from, ruined half of my harvest. Went the next week and got a 2nd clone and cut the rockwool open before entering the now perfectly clean grow room and there were spider mites festering in the same area, the clones are great looking at first but will kill your garden unless you remove thaat grow cube.

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