Erie Marijuana Doctor Reviews

  • Love the employees and products! It's great prices as well, I wont go anywhere else in town!

  • Log onto the website three times and couldn’t get through to order anything. This is the order only site. We’re just gonna go somewhere else.

  • My BudTender, Jessa was very sweet and EXTREMELY knowledgeable! Green Solution has top quality cannabis products. High Priced! But you get what you pay for!! Not Medical.

  • I'm so pleased to be a member there for 4 yrs. Awesome weed. Kat & Jason are the best budtenders in town! Love you guys!!

  • i have only been there two times. these people know what they are doing. nice and always helpful. i will return again soon.

  • I’ve been to a loooot of dispensaries and honestly this has to be one of the nicest that I’ve visited. The set-up is almost like a Sephora store. Everything is really beautifully displayed and separated into its own ‘dept’ (edibles, wax, flower, etc). You’re free to browse around and look at the products you may have been curious about, up-close. The bud tenders are on the floor and super helpful & friendly to answer whatever questions you may have and pull your wanted products, when YOU’re ready. I seriously wonder why all shops aren’t like this. Seriously very professional, no old crusty mason jars full of bud and being rushed for the next customer. Staff was beyond wonderful.

  • Freindly staff top quality brands good selectuon of medication

  • Staff is extremely knowledgeable and very kind. They were also on top of the social distancing rules and have a pretty solid set up for walk-ins. Prices were a little steep compared to other places around but convenience and kindness made up for it. Thanks guys/gals.

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    The Dankery
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    Cherry Peak
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    Cherry Peak
  • Very nice and courteous young man answered the phone and he answered all my questions.

  • **WARNING PLEASE BE ADVISED** I have to share my RACIST and DOMINANTED experience I had today at "Local Product of Colorado Recreational." I've visited this shop twice before with similarities. First visit I was given a 8th of shake in a ounce. **Please be advised** your once flower will be broke down separately into 8ths. I left a review about my concern and dislike about the shortage. A manager contacted me and said I can receive a discount on my next visit. On my next visit it happen again. Still short of the 10% discount they posted on weed maps as compensation but yet again Nope. On my 3rd try I decided to work with the manager to ensure a great experience. The manager decided to engage in a agreement because he previously got in trouble for saving flower for me that I didn't pick up. Im sure he "Iris" smoke to much of his own product because he recommended putting this ounce to the side the day I complain. Tree $? If he got in trouble I had nothing to do with

  • I called with some concerns about my 86 year old grandmother who has stopped working with her Oncologist and the chemotherapy treatment but would like to continue a hybrid tincture before sleep. Tristin helped me sort out all the terminology and offered amazing suggestions for her. I was calling from Florida on her behalf and had a great experience!

  • I would also like to see an online menu..

  • This place is great! The people are wonderful and the prices competitive. I want to work there!

  • Friendly people cool environment but prices are way to high for their product.

  • Everyone was super helpful and patient. I’ll definitely be back.

  • What the hell are you doing? You need to update the site looking at blank pictures is pointless let's go you gets no stars until you do it

  • Little high on prices for top shelf quality's butwasn't A bad quality the top shelf flower i want fruity pebbles strain

  • Amazing staff and great ppl that know what their doing!!

    1136 Yuma
  • Would Love to see an online menu!

  • Love this place great prices

  • I absolutely love this place! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. It doesn't hurt that you can save in gas here too as a member.

  • I was a LOYAL customer until about 5 minutes ago... I called ahead to make sure they had the specific items we wanted in stock and place our order, before we made the 30 mile drive to the dispensary just like I did last week. (which is what should be the standard practice during the corona virus). The OWNER told me to just come in. When I asked to speak to a different person he laughed at me, and told me they we too busy. When I asked to hold and wait he told no even though I have been placed on hold when calling this dispensary several times in the past. He miss gendered me several times on the phone and showed outright disrespect for his customers. There are SEVERAL other dispensaries very close by this one, do yourself a favor and go to one that actually wants customers because the owner of this one does not seem to realize, we (the customers) are where the money comes from.

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