Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Hudson

Dispensary Reviews in Hudson, CO

  • Was the strangest and most unpleasant experience at a dispensary, and I’ve been to dispensaries all over CO. Took 30 min. to buy one gram. Person helping me must of been inebriated because he couldn’t give me any info. On the products that made since. all flower is pre packaged. Also, didn’t have the strain I came for that was listed online.

  • I had a amazing experience with the quality of weed down to how nice the bud tenders are would recommend to anyone looking for a good spot near commerce city

  • Great customer service and prices

  • They got that fire, and the budtenders are great!!

  • I went to several shops and this place was the best by far best quality and best prices I will definitely come back

  • Budtenders are great! Friendly and helpful. Clean, new location with great oil prices, they sell fast. I regularly buy the Craft oil and Pax pods. No experience with the flower but it definitely looks amazing, I'm sure I'll try it soon.

  • This dispensary has amazing things for sale. They have this Watermelon vape that is amazing. Staff are very friendly.

  • Great shop with good service & deals!

  • Michael Jordan They are so friendly!! And they make sure you're 100% satisfied. Great weed, great people and great experience is what comes to mind when I think of this location.

  • Hoping for gorilla glue by Wensday!

  • Tried the Original loud very happy with product and service

  • They are great for flower but not edibles! Their value flower is decent to!

  • Nice environment nice people but the special deal on wax I wouldn't sell to my dog hated every last dab geeze I thought it was never going to be empty lmfao.

  • I love there pre rolls very nice staff and not to busy

  • Everytime I have gone it's been a good experience, the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • I love it here they have a great crew to serve up only the finest quality! Stop by you wont be disappointed.

  • Terrible! I recently purchased a 1/4 of their Bubba Corleone - turn out it wasn't and indica as advertised. wasn't a full 1/4 (1/2 gram light), and was MOLDY!! I cannot emphasize how terrible and dangerous that is! I am on disability and I do not have very much money, so this was really sad. Please shop somewhere else and avoid these people! They don't care about patients and customers.

  • Truly a patient focused Center

  • This place is in a weird industrial warehouse that really does it's best to remain dark and dingy. As a female, this isn't a place I'd go to at night or a place I would venture out to by myself. The buds are OK at best. Even at the discounted price, I'd rather pay a few more dollars and know the medicine I'm getting is grade A. The staff was very friendly but as far as knowledge of the strain goes, they weren't quite up to snuff. They practically beg to be your caregiver. I can't say it's totally awful but I probably won't be back.

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