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First Time Patients

20% off your first purchase of bud and house bubble hash. Let us know you found us on Wheres Weed!


We believe in the infinite possibility of total wellness and in the infinite modalities to achieving this wellness within and without. We offer our patients a dignified environment with a friendly, compassionate staff here to facilitate the needs...


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    How may I being in Tennessee order your product. Please contact my at my email [email protected]

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    My visit was amazing found strains i was looking for. Bud-tenders a delight to be around. Bud-tenders very knowledgeable and helpful. Had to drive a ways to check this place out and was well worth the drive. I drove away very happy.

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    Very fun time!
    The budtenders were the best I've ever encountered, they knew all about the products, the weights the amounts you would use, recommendations for first time users and complete instructions for how to prepare and put together complicated equipment. I went in just to get some good meds, but ended up with a vape pen which I love and some good advice for wax and other equipment. Be sure to include this stop on any tour of Denver!

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