Montrose Dispensary Reviews

  • I called with some concerns about my 86 year old grandmother who has stopped working with her Oncologist and the chemotherapy treatment but would like to continue a hybrid tincture before sleep. Tristin helped me sort out all the terminology and offered amazing suggestions for her. I was calling from Florida on her behalf and had a great experience!

  • Awesome girls who make you feel at home.

  • 1.Manager(Daniel offered to honor discount coupons from other dispensaries;when I brought the coupon in,the owner declined to honor the coupon like the manager(Daniel) said he would.2.I purchased a vaporizer for $40.00 that shorted out three days later.Manager Daniel refused to give me a refund.I later found the same vaporizer online for $8.00.I was ripped off and the thing didn't even work.3.Today I was charged ten dollars more for the same honey oil I always get.Manager Daniel made up some story that I had signed on previously and made Green Meadows my caregiver(not true,I;ve always been with ColoMed beause their prices are way better,$150.00 an ounce once a month;Green Meadows charges at least $240.00 an ounce)and now that I was with ColoMed,he had to charge me non-member prices.This is a total fabrication.I have always been with ColoMed;Daniel at Green Meadows made up a story to justify charging me ten dollars more.The personnel at Green Meadows are oftentimes rude,do not know what

  • This was my first visit to a dispensary and was not disappointed. Two nice ladies run the place and we're able to answer my questions. Only thing keeping it from a 5 star is that they only had 5 strains available on the recreational side. Price is marked down because it is expensive everywhere.

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