Pagosa Springs Dispensary Reviews

  • Knowingly and willfully discriminates against disabled veterans and service animals.

  • So I'm going to put this real clear and real simple just because Colorado has legalized recreational does not give you the right to bend us over and rape us on the prices. I just called to get some information because you're too lazy to put it on your website, which now maybe I'm thinking U do because nobody would come in. When I can drive to Telluride and get it for half the price you're doing something dreadfully wrong. Recreation is not a license to rip people off your supposed to be providing a good service here how about you try it. instead of gods and people trying to fill your pockets.. and believe me this will be going on every review board possible

  • Very friendly and informed budtenders.

  • I called to inquire about clones and was told I could pick a couple up in an hour. When I arrived I was told by the owner that he would not sell me any clones because I had not used the stores services. I was under the impression selling clones was a service of the store. I had purchased some Hindu Kush last year but the price was high and the quality was mediorce.

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