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Dispensary Reviews in Dc, DC

  • Professional, fast, and better than I expected!

  • Great prices and good quality gifts. One of the best spots in the city.

  • Do not waste your time. Does not accept cash. Very sketchy. No one wants to buy weed with pay pal. Also very rude and not informed on what's advertised on here. Gelato Moonrocks are listed for a $35 donation but it's actually $60 and she refused to believe it shows that. Very strange. Just checked and still shows $35. Smh. Will not do business here.

  • texted no reply, called twice no answer. based on their rating now it looks like they are slipping. too bad they had good prices and a few good drivers - but delivery was always beat. did i see they are 24hrs on tuesdays and no answer to text or phone. not good.

  • My go to when I'm in veteran discount. price

  • Amazing quality. Very responsive and courteous. Best bang for your buck in DC period.Don't waste your time anywhere else. Seriously it's not worth the gamble.these guys are 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Thanks again!

  • Advertised moon rocks for 35 a gram..they are really 60 a gram.would not sell for 35...said I was wrong......doesn't accept cash..don't waste your time

  • Excellent speedy experience, product is top notch

  • I made a donation and received an O of the worst bud I've ever seen. It's clearly been washed for THC and doesn't get me high no matter how much I smoke. It's dry to the point of crumbling and doesn't smell like Green Crack or even like bud. I texted the contact number the following day explaining the situation and asking for a refund and did not receive a response. Do not spend your money here, it's a total waste.

  • Don’t waste your time with grape ape

  • Strange experience. Sketchy customer service. They couldn't even deliver my order both times I've attempted to order.... Always ask if I can pick up at pick up point that's 2mins from my actual delivery delivery my ass

  • Consistent and reliable. Love the product and professionalism. My go to place to donate.

  • Never got a call or text. Not sure what the problem is.

  • These guys (and gal) were great. A short wait, but I was under the impression that waiting was the norm - everyone is in such a hurry these days! BuddahBuddyDC are very close to 5 stars, but the limited concentrate selection is akin to a GREAT restaurant being limited to 4 stars only due to the lack of room and board - what they do have is great, I'd just like to see more. I'm new to the DC scene, but was deep in the California and Colorado scene. Each place seems to tailor to certain audiences, this works for DC - quite smoothly, and BuddhaBuddy DC is one of the driving forces paving the path to show we can make legal marijuana work...even in front of the White House (figuratively speaking of course). Great job guys!

  • Hello, this is my first time using these guys and I am happy with the service. They accepted the order quickly and let me know eta. The Mk ultra was potent medication, thank you.

  • Awesome great packaging edibles where great a d shits dank af

  • I have tried 6 different services that all were shady. From shorting gifts or giving the complete wrong meds! This place here is the adult ran professional and empathetic service that DC needs. Bless you all for helping and thank you for the professional manner in which u conduct yourselves! πŸ™πŸΌ

  • Booty buttcheeks

  • So NICE AND PROFESSIONAL! I got lost and everything but they waited so nice BUT better than that the shit taste AWESOME! I got the gummies and brownies! I have to medicate daily so always looking for the best edibles and vapes and tried a lot on here. They are the BEST $$$$ value around! See ya'll in 2 weeks!

  • I've been using this site for about two-ish years and have tried to use multiple different delivery services but Dist of Cali has by far been the best service I have received. They are fast, on time, and very understanding if something happens and you can't make it. I always order from them now

  • I've used these guys 4x now. Always Excellent Quality! DC traffic sux, so all customers should be patient, they're worth it!!!!

  • People please stop wasting your time on this low quality weed.

  • I ordered a 10pm delivery last night around 7:30. The estimated arrival time listed on this site was 8:30 to 9:30 for some reason. By 10 I hadnt gotten any text confirmation, so I texted the dispatch number listed. At 10:15 I got a reply saying the courier would be there at 11:15. What's the point of setting a delivery time if they're not gonna come close to it? Whatever... I told dispatch I would wait. At 11:30 I got a text from dispatch saying sorry for the delay, I would get $10 off the order and the courier was 10 minutes away. At 12am, still nothing, so I asked whether the courier was coming. Never got a response. Don't know how "10 minutes away" turned to never. Never heard from the courier at all. I get that these aren't big operations and sometimes there will be delays, but you gotta communicate better and most importantly, follow through. There are too many other services in town for MCO to be so unreliable.

  • Second time within a month we've used JPDC. They're reliable, decent time frames, good bud quality, & cool dudes, definitely recommend them to others.

  • System was on point!

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