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  Welcome to Green River Meds! Detroit's Premium Medical Marijuana Center     We provide relief to serious, chronic and debilitating medical conditions that would otherwise be treated with pharmaceutical drugs. We are...


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    When I went there for the first time, unfortunately their doctor quit, just walked out. But they were very friendly and sincere with their apologies. Beautiful and clean store, nice waiting room and very nice staff. Accomodating as well.

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    hello, took double payment on 12-23-15 was told that day that it would be back on the credit card. $200 extra before xmas. Went back up there between xmas and new years they said again money would be back on card. now its the 6th of Jan. and I had to drive back up there to get cash. they fucking lied about about putting money back on the card. also now i have to pay $1.50 charged for using a there machine. I have no prob paying for the one trans, but when you double charge me and the take 3 bucks and now i have to eat $1.50. thanks again can't wait untill i get my card, never see me again

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    Great quality meds! Love the drive through!

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