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Welcome To StarBuds Detroit. At StarBuds, we are committed to providing high quality medical marijuana to our patients. Regulated under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, we strive to help empower patients with the quality of life they deserve...


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    The staff is very accommodating. Jeff is super nice. The man in glasses also. The atmosphere feels warm and safe. However, as nice as getting pre-rolled joints is, they are just horrible. A waste of rolling papers. Almost an insult to the customer.

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    Hmmm... let me start off with the AWSOME STAFF!!!! The meds are great never had a complaint... ok ye I did lol but they fixed that problem right away ☺ this is the ONLY and i mean ONLY dispensary I go too... I refer everyone there... so if u are looking to get hooked up go to STARYBUDZ!!!!! By the way this is sarah. .. u know who I am :)

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    I love this place good quality and price i come from the yak just go here. Service us great and prices is awesome. Quality is superb

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