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Free gram with first visit. $10 donation required.10% off for Veterans, Military and Seniors. 10% off for Veterans and Seniors. Daily Specials and Happy Hour. Come in for details. 10% off for Veterans, Military and Seniors.

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    Everyone is awesome here and great bud

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    Very friendly staff.

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    We have been going here since they opened. We have spent several Grand here and this last time was a $200 trip. For one of the eights, we bought Chernobyl, had it before, always been good. At home using the grinder, noticed some seeds, then more seeds, then almost all SEEDS! for 3.5 grams, 2 grams were seeds! We counted 90 seeds minimum in this eighth. Called The Flowershop on the phone so they could make it right and give us at least a store credit. The girl tells us "Chernobyl always has this many seeds". Well that is a complete lie and a total spin-off. It's the dispensary's own fault they are purchasing from poor growers and then re-selling this garbage. We gave them a chance to fix it, they wanted to give us a BS excuse, you have lost thousands more from us as customers and from everyone we let know about your poor selling habits. Trying to rip-off MMMP is the ultimate low and there are plenty of other dispensaries out there, don't bother with this one.

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