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Decibel Cannabis

Built on the foundation of full-on brand expression all under one roof, the Decibel Cannabis Company is a true seed-to-sale operation dedicated to bringing the best and brightest assortment of cannabis products to recreational buyers all over the country. With top-shelf brands, premium products, and experiences that inspire and deliver with consistency and finesse, like Qwest, BlendCraft, Prairie Records, and General Admission sold in dispensaries all over the country, three production houses designed and operated with the ultimate craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality, and even a retail store of their own set on redefining cannabis retail experiences with an immersive and conceptual purchasing goal, Decibel has a little bit something for pretty much everyone! 

A Canadian company serving some of the best quality products to consumers all over the Great White North, edible is about as good as it gets for cannabis production in Canada. Make sure to check for their brands on dispensary menus everywhere!