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Ethos Cannabis

Taking its name from a Greek term meaning “character,” Ethos is one of the largest dispensaries in the Midwest. Although many of their stores are based in Pennsylvania, they also have stores in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Primarily centered in big cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, they also have locations in smaller towns like Hazelton, PA and Lebanon, OH. They are primarily a medicinal dispensary, although their locations in Massachusetts also offer recreational cannabis. Their vast range of products includes flower, pre-roll joints, concentrates, vaporizers, edibles, tinctures, and accessories, although they do not make their own products. They offer pickup but not delivery and accept CanPay and AeroPay. Founded in 2007, Ethos pursues an initiative to raise awareness of medicinal cannabis properties and potential solutions. They have partnered with research institutes like Thomas Jefferson University to advance the science of cannabis and offer customers the chance to participate in research studies.