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Fluent Cannabis Care

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We’re Fluent. Science, quality, and care are the staples of our company. As the cannabis industry evolves, we aim to evolve with it. You can find us in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, with 20+ locations across those three states. 

Fluent proudly offers cannabis products to those with a medical card and those who partake recreationally. We also offer a delivery service available in some locations to get what you need right to your door. We have what you need: flowers, vapes, extracts, drops, topicals, edibles, capsules, and more. We even have it available in our own unique brands exclusive to the Fluent name. 

Love to cook? Please browse our extensive collection of recipes on the Fluent website. You can create delicious dishes at home, like squash soup topped with THC-infused sour cream, passionfruit mousse, and cannabis-infused agave nectar. You can also explore current events and cannabis news. Stay informed! 

Come to us when you’re looking for a dispensary that knows the ins and outs of cannabis. We’re fluent in cannabis.