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Harvest House of Cannabis

Recently joining forces with Trulieve to provide for medical patients throughout Arizona, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida, Harvest believes in putting care into their plants and cannabis products, passing that care and attention on to their consumers. 

Since 2013, Harvest has gone about and beyond improving the lives of its patients with top-quality medical cannabis and products via brands like Avenue, Modern Flower, Roll One, Loveli, Evolab, and Co2lors, all of which are harvested from and utilize their top-quality cannabis and cannabinoids.

Whether it’s cannabis flower, vaporizers, cartridges, concentrates, or ingestible products like capsules, tinctures, edible gummies, and topicals, they’re got a massive menu with a ton of selection for anything and everything a medical patient would need!  

Offering online orders, delivery options, and curbside pick-up from one of their many dispensaries, Harvest is an excellent option for medical cannabis patients looking to restock their medicine cabinets!