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A California-based dispensary, Haven has stores in the greater Los Angeles area, including Downtown Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Belmont, and San Bernadino. Their recreational products include flower, edibles, vaping products, extracts, and topicals. Customers can use the Haven website to browse products and make them available for in-store pick-up and delivery. Their products are available to persons under the age of 21 who have a valid medicinal ID card. Established in 2008, Haven was originally a medicinal dispensary, but California’s legalization of cannabis has pivoted towards recreational products. While they do not have their line of cannabis products, they include a wide variety of California-based products and pride themselves on “close to home” business connections. Haven offers a variety of daily deals, such as holiday specials and “day-old” flower, at a discount. Their activity in the community is strong, with efforts in food drives, garbage pick-ups, and even pet adoptions.