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Reimagine cannabis with Igadi. Based on science and transparency, we provide customers with high-quality cannabis concentrates, edibles, flower, and vapes. We have one of the largest observable marijuana grows worldwide, educating customers with the science that backs our product. You’ll leave with the knowledge of how we grow the Igadi brand and what’s in our cannabis.

Along with their own expertise, our founders assembled a team with educated backgrounds and experience to apply innovation, science, technology, and similar passion to growing, refining, and infusing cannabis products. To execute the Igadi vision, we have a solid organizational structure that wasn’t commonly seen in the industry’s early stages.

Since opening our doors in 2015, we’ve become a leading retailer and producer of cannabis in Colorado. We have eight retail locations, several grow centers, a lab, and an edibles kitchen. Visit our dispensaries for both recreational and medical products and shop a variety of brands.

We take pride in the Igadi family name and plan to expand our footprint throughout Colorado. Our purpose is to bring quality products to the cannabis community, maintain much-needed transparency, and continue to educate on cannabis.