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While it's not a secret that the West Coast is by far the best coast for legal cannabis, it can still be hard to figure out exactly where to stock up on some top-notch cannabis products in the Golden State. That’s where Medallion Wellness comes into play! 

Whether you’re experienced with legal cannabis or just learning and exploring what’s out there on the topic, we offer a retail experience that’s custom to you, ensuring you make a comfortable and well-informed decision that fits your needs. Customer service is their top priority. They hold the highest standards for your experience with them and take pride in showing you what they offer.

A top-notch dispensary that’s dedicated to ensuring their customers feel like the champions they are when stocking up on their legal cannabis products, their dispensaries are built on the principles of providing some of the best possible customer service to buyers stocking up products vetted for their excellence and overall quality, they often refer to themselves as the Cannabis of Champions for a good reason!

Crafting a menu full of top-notch edibles, cannabis flower, vapes and carts, and pretty much any other form of medical cannabis, Medallion Wellness, and their seven or so locations are dedicated to our mission to provide a cannabis experience that’s convenient, informative, reliable and safe. No matter how you slice it, Medallion Wellness is a top-quality option for those looking to stock up in California!