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Redbarn Dispensaries

It’s no secret that when it comes to legal cannabis, the west coast is the best coast. Oregon is one of the OG legal cannabis states and by far one of the most progressive states regarding cannabis policy. To keep up with the ever-growing demand in the Beaver State, dispensary options like Red Barn Dispensaries have stepped up! 

Priding itself on offering a unique and superior shopping experience for all its customers, Red Barn sets itself apart from the pack in Oregon. From the moment you step foot into the retail stores in markets like Roseburg, Myrtle Creek, and Springfield, you will know the Redbarn difference.  

Whether it's their warm, welcoming, wood-accented atmosphere that makes you feel right at home, the pleasant aroma of essential oils infused into the air, or the experienced and professional budtenders who share the top products Oregon has to offer, Red Barn is a top-notch option! 

Offering massive menus, delivery, pick-up, and online ordering options, and incredible prices for their customers in one of the OG legal cannabis states, they’re a fantastic resource to utilize when you’re looking to stock up on cannabis during your time in Oregon! 

So, whether you’re a cannabis veteran, a complete novice, or a patient seeking holistic treatment, you can always trust the Redbarn!