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Rocky Mountain Cannabis

Along with an assortment of sports teams, a tremendous amount of outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and mountain biking, and a hip, decently affordable lifestyle, Colorado is home to some of the best recreational and medical cannabis in the world. However, with all of that demand, there needs to be some top-notch dispensaries to supply those customers. That’s where Rocky Mountain Cannabis comes into play! 

Founded in 2009 as a medical-only dispensary, opening up its first recreational store in 2014, RMC has since spread across the western slopes and down into New Mexico. Whether it’s their locations in sleepy mountain towns like Georgetown and Fraser, their staple locations in high-population areas like Denver, or their handful of dispensary locations in New Mexico, they’re a top-notch option for stocking up on all different types of cannabis products! 

Rocky Mountain Cannabis offers guests a one-of-a-kind retail marijuana shopping experience where you can find any product you’re looking for. Choose from hundreds of different products for you to navigate quickly, or let one of their knowledgeable budtenders assist in finding the right product for your needs. From when you walk in to when you leave with a bag full of goodies, they’ll be there to walk you through your shopping experience.  

Offering online ordering, delivery, and pick-up options along with their massive menus full of top-notch products, Rocky Mountain Cannabis is about as good as it gets for stocking up on some beautiful legal cannabis!