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CANTO DIEM Medical Cannabis Collective estabd in Aug 2006 & is located at 5419 W Sunset Blvd #5. Canto test all their meds & are clinical grade @ CANTO DIEM Collective on Sunset has not uploaded their menu into our...


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    Canto the resource to know
    Canto donations, activism and great med tested bud keep me interested in continued membership since 2006

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    Age 21+ Collective Hollywood
    Quality and knowledge is a touchstone at Canto. Tops

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    Great Meds, Resource
    They have tested all their meds since 2009 when testing labs were first being established & have some v experienced and knowledgable cultivators & classes (if you can get on waiting list) with membership by referral unless you have recently moved to Hollywood/ Los Feliz area or are from out of town and need access to your meds. The 21+ age rule that they've had from day 1 is appreciated.
    Loads of parking on the roof and at Food 4 Less is tops. They don't accept walk ins so call ahead and get your name on their sked. They also do not accept Sona Patel recs or Venice Beach Walk 'Kush' Doctors -I personally think it's good to see some standards/regulations being self administered with integrity.

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