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WE WILL WORK WITH ANY BUDGET...WITH OVER 80 STRAINS STARTING AT $1 PER GRAM, YOU CAN FIND IT ALL HERE!!Please, read our reviews to confirm!!! We have been here for many many years and our reputation is solid.We are here to help you!!! PROUD TO BE A...


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    The guy name drew have kicked me out of the store cause I asked him to pick me up big buds .. I was a customer for years

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    Don't be fooled by the reviews below submitted by their staff members~~~ Read "real" reviews on Yelp and others.

    I have been a customer of the Eden collective for some time and (just in the last two months) have spent over $500.00 at their facility. The last three times however things there have changed. Originally I would receive a fair deal, but not so recently.

    Possibly they need to remove the tip jar to improve service. I plan to suggest (in my report to the AMA) that as a "medical" establishment, tips should not be a part of their business. I do not tip my Doctor, and don't believe I should have to tip Eden staff (albeit I do). They need to pay your staff an adequate salary and REMOVE THE TIP JAR.

    Unfortunately, as the staff is now "expecting" tips, when they receive what they feel in an inadequate one, they cheat the patron out of a fair product. This has been my experience on the last three trips to Eden Therapy. All three of the last purchases have been short; obviously, it is to their advantage to ensure the scales are not up to par. I learned this as I've brought the product home immediately and weighed it (as they have looked short), all three times they were short!

    The last time I came into Eden Therapy they had a new employee I'd never dealt with previously. I purchased a 2-4-1, and when I got it home, realized it was almost all stems (VERY LITTLE product was included). I utilized such for tea and promised never again to visit the Eden facility. I plan to alert/warn others of their less-than-ethical practices.

    If you also receive "short" purchases or feel as if your purchase is not up to par, please contact the AMA and file a report. We need to close these dishonest collectives down.

    SHAME ON YOU Eden Therapy for taking advantage of persons who truly utilize your product for medicable purposes (like myself).


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