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The fifth largest city and capital of Michigan is located in the middle of the “mitten” and the surrounding area is regionally known as Mid-Michigan. This buzzing metropolitan area is home to multiple professional schools, museums, and parks. Currently only those holding a medical card, issued by any state recognizing medical marijuana, are allowed to purchase cannabis products. The city government and it's residents have a strained relationship regarding marijuana regulation with a number of lawsuits and ballot measures causing constant changes to the industry.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Lansing, MI

  • Who can purchase marijuana in Lansing, Michigan?
    Only persons holding a medical marijuana card prescribed by a doctor can purchase cannabis products. Lansing dispensaries do recognize medical cards from states other than Michigan.
  • Where can I smoke in Lansing?
    Legal medical card holders should consume cannabis in their private residence or on other private property with permission. Since 2013 Lansing has decriminalized the possession, distribution or use of up to one ounce of marijuana on private property for adults 21+.
  • Can I grow marijuana in Lansing, Michigan?
    Currently medical patients and licensed caregivers can cultivate cannabis plants in their homes. Anyone using more than 3,500kWh of power must register their home grow with the city.

Dispensary Reviews in Lansing, MI

  • This dispensary is absolutely remarkable! It is well-ordered and clean. The "Budtenders" are remarkably knowledgeable and very pleasant. This location is very easily found from the highway.

  • The bus are always so dry that we go through it quick and spend too much money. Also their 15 dollar shelf should be 10 and their 20 shelf should be 15. I love the edibles though. The chocolate bar tastes like dark chocolate and you cant taste the weed at all! I'm on my way now to go pick some more bars up!

  • J D is the grower of the sought after heirloom plant called W.W.911. This is a clone only plant originally started in the 70's. W.W. 911 is considered to have the highest THC levels of any marijuana plant. Jay Deezs Herbs is a completely organic grower and uses a proprietary growing process to achieve the highest quality medication grade marijuana.

  • a great selection and great bud, will deffinetly be coming bacl -J

    reviewed Tree House
  • Went to Best Buds for the first time today. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Got a free pre-rolled joint as a welcome gift. I’ll be back soon.

  • I love this place! Huge selection and low pricing

    reviewed 420 Solutions
  • It’s nice they have good bud and take care of their patients

  • Great I will be back

  • They were very helpful. Love their product's.

    reviewed DogHouse
  • Great prices

  • Bud tenders are always on point❤️

  • Well, I was expecting something for giving a five star review( $5.00 pre roll). I was told that," we usually don't, but I will if you don't tell your friends." But after getting my order home, I realized the "$5.00 review pre roll" wasn't with it.😕😑😱 I felt stupid asking in the first place. We are on a disabled veterans pension and budget is tight, so its a lot too people like us; you know? But they are good people and quality is a guaranteed...4star price because I want lower prices😀

  • As a new customer both my friend and I dropped by On Thursday evening. We saw people come and go all the while one gentleman focused on us, explaining things and giving us one on one time. Patient, and knowledgeable. The store had varietys of varietys. And good prices. We will definitely be going back! Thanks guys!

  • Love the staff. Great products.

  • Relaxed, comfortable, confident with staff and other patrons. Best dispensary in Lansing!

  • Excellent! The staff is respectful, fun, educated/knowledgeable and helpful.

  • ABSOLUTE QUALITY, best prices in town

  • Great place Angie was very helpfull and also gave me freebies as a first time customer.Meds were good for the price which is best Ive seen so far.50$ quarters 25 eights and wax was 30 all good.

    Eric C. reviewed GOT MEDS
  • Great medz bud is great and waxes to.Prices a little higher than other nearby dispenserys.People were friendly.

  • Despite a lack of variety, TNT is a great last resort due to its consistency of hours, which include late nights (even on most holidays and Sunday's when the doctor is in).

  • Best buds is truly superior to any other dispensary in Lansing. Their dedication to serving the best possible quality of flower, oil, edibles, and more exceeds any other standards within the city limits. Their staff is knowledgable, kind, and patient- Always striving to make sure you're leaving with exactly what you need. I have NEVER been disappointed. <3

  • I have not had one problem until today July 27, 2016.I have been purchasing from them for about 11 month's on a regular.I had a bad experience Today.and the management didn't even think i was important enough to call me back.i waited 8 hours.people with dissabilities seem to be treated unfairly.and looked over.but they got their hand out for your money.who can i Reprt this to.I have never had a problem with tru i got more problems.because i can't even tell my story.I'm being ignored.I called back after 8 hour's and the manager was gone home for the day.Bri one of the worker's informed me of I'm ignored by the worker that was on the computer the whole time i was there.she said she was looking up something for me. and that's not true we had discussed that and closed was a Vapor pin.well she lied.she wasn't assisting me at all.and then the manager turns around and does the same thing ignores me.I feel that i wasn't treated fairly as much money as i have

    fancy reviewed Tru Releaf
  • Awesome place to get meds. First timer gifts and lots of incentives. Check them out

  • Love it here. So professional

  • Awesome experience... clean and know their stuff. Thanks guys and to the lady :) I'll be back again. Clean great variety as well!

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