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The only "Real Sun Grown" Flower in Nevada! We are able to offer you the freshest and highest quality flower at the most affordable price in Las Vegas. Visit you local CANOPI Cannabis Dispensary. We have 3 locations across the Valley!

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    I have visited all three Canopi locations and have been completed satisfied with my experiences at all three. Their entire staff, from front desk to budtenders to security, are uniformly friendly, courteous and helpful. I primarily use their Blue Diamond location due to their wider selection, but I am always able to find good deals on good medicine at all three. To me, their #1 strong point is providing good value. As a retiree on a fixed income, this is very important to me. I can find highest quality strains at Canopi at reasonable prices. I can also find products with lower THC content at absolute bargain prices. Today I picked up a full ounce of Blue Dream shake with 15.9% THC for $109. That's the kind of deal that will keep me coming back for a long time. One final note. As someone with severe osteoarthritis, I find Canopi to be the absolute best for stocking high CBD products at reasonable prices. They're a great source for Avi-dekel, Harlequin, and similar strains. They're also the best source around for the Tikun Olam line.

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    Went to pick up a 1/8th of Ghost Train Haze. I called first to confirm it was on the menu. Once inside, I dig this place . Good atmosphere, good employees , really good merchandising. I kept looking at all the bad ass smoking stuff . Today they were offering a first time customer a free gram with 25 dollar purchase was awesome ! A+ I'm definitely going back again . I hope they have other quality good strains hence why I went here . Plus the prices wasn't marked up unlike some competitors. P.s. Can't beat free bottled water :D Also a suggestion, Maybe get a bigger sign outside the store it's kinda hard to see.

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    The thing I like best about this place is they grow some of their own stuff! If you look at the label on the package and it says "Supplied by: CW NEV CULT" then that means it was grown and packaged by their parent company Charlotte's Web Nevada Cultivation, based in Pahrump. NV. Because of this, they have the CHEAPEST prices on an OUNCE of Shake and Popcorn Nugs. I bought an ounce of Sour Diesel Popcorn Nugs for $75 and an Ounce of Blueberry Diesel shake/trim for $80. It was listed as $105 on their menu but there was some confusion (on my part) about what they were offering, was it a shake version AND a (higher priced) bud version? So, they only had the shake/trim version and so they gave me a huge discount on this! The staff has always been patient and helpful as I have a lot of questions (mostly curiosity). Also, I LOVE the fact that their product was sun grown and YES it SUPPOSE to be better. I noticed other reviews from people complaining about the fact it was sun grown, but sun grown is the more natural/organic way to grow it! Cons: They almost NEVER have the exact strains I'm looking for –– except for Sour Diesel, which was the greatest come up I've ever made at a dispensary! –– Sometimes, it's hit or miss with what the 'helper' knows. Some employees there know more about the products than others. Another interesting note about this place is that they seem to be the CREATORS of the CBD strains that are being talked about all over the internet! Charlotte's Web and Avidekel!

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