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Welcome to the Doc Oz the place where medical needs come first not profit!! We accept out of state rec cards. We have a price range to fit all budgets from Top Shelf to Mid level down to shake,,, Doc Oz offer Top Shelf meds at lowest donation...


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    Worst customer service of any company that I have called. Out of products shown on site. Asked to call back another time only to get a recording in a foreign language.

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    I called doc oz. The guy who answered the phone said they don't deliver to me on the east side of town. I was willing to meet them somewhere but he didn't have any edibles, no Ku Koo bars. He couldn't tell me when they would be getting any more product in stock. I asked if he could text me an updated menu and he hung up on me. Don't call doc oz, he's on that Bullshit!

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    I was in Vegas for vacation and this is one of the only people who anwered me...also the menu is amazing! Seeing that I live in a state where it's not legal these people helped me out a lot and they were very friendly and fast! I ordered 2 times already in under a week. I love you guys!

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