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Accepting Out of State Patients and Recommendations! Only dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip!

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    Well I was trying to catch the Grand Opening on the 9th 4pm-10pm. I arrived around 9:30 only to be let down. The doors were locked and no one came out to inform me and the other patients waiting. They stated that they,"Ran out of product and cannot serve anyone." Really? Ran out on your GRAND OPENING? Very disappointing, considering I rushed after work and brought along a California patient. Im not sure if I'll pay this location another visit......

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    The best customer service in the valley!!! Best prices in the valley!!! Best discounts in the valley!!! What more could you want?? Oh yeah... fire meds! They got that too. If you are a service connected disabled vet like me they will give you up to 30% discount. Don't waste your time elsewhere (i.e. EuPOORia Smellness)

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