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IGNORE THE FOR LEASE SIGN ABOVE THE COLLECTIVE WE ARE OPEN! DIRECTLY NEXT TO PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA! 5 Gram 1/8 on Kryptonite, Chemdog, razzmatazz, Monster Truck and space queen (all day/every day) Our DONATIONS are based on our belief in compassion....


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    natural meds
    really knowledgeable staff. friendly, clean and clean environment. stock rotates regularly, so if you find something you like, go back soon.

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    Organic Meds, Happy Heads
    Parking was free and easy. *Be sure to read street signs in front of store, 4-6 pm.
    Smelled nice inside lobby. Check in was very fast.
    Greeted by friendly, down to earth people. My kind of people.
    All meds are organic. That's damn awesome.

    I came for the Chocolope, which I would later enjoy immensely; Memories of 1984 Thai Stick wafting through my mind. It smelled like hot cocoa, tasted like chocolate chip muffin. I shit you not.
    A floating, happy and alert experience reduced stress while a mild numbing was felt, easing neck and back pain.

    Strawberry Cough was also enjoyed. The smell of fresh strawberries, tart and sweet. Makes me happier, soothes anxiety.

    A free Kush Pre-roll was large and chock-full of fresh cured flower pieces, not all leafy. Smelled divine and effects of a strong OG Kush. Relaxing, comforting but not sedating. Aaaah.

    I can't wait to sample their sticky flowers:
    Incredible Hulk (Green Crack X Jack Herer)
    Platinum Kush (Master Kush X Afghani)
    La Confidential (You owe it to yourself to try this strain!)
    Blackberry Rhino Kush (Body slam, nite nite.)
    Strawberry Kush (OG Kush X Cali. Indica)
    Cherry OG (OG Kush X Cherry Thai)
    Trainwreck (Mexican, Afghani & Thai -Great old-school "up" high with pain relief.)

    They were very generous with the FTP gifts; glass pipe, edible and pre-roll. Holy shit, I ate just half the brownie and feel like

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    Best Place I've Ever Been
    When I was a first time customer, they gave me a 5 gram eighth for the regular price, a free pipe, a free j, and since it was Magical Mondays I got a free edible, as well. The guy who referred me got a free gram, as well. We walked out of there with $120 worth of stuff for $45. Best deal I've ever gotten.

    Plus, they were very nice and very helpful and they made sure I felt at home. I am definitely going back. Actually, it's opening in 15 minutes, I think I'll head over there right now...

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