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VMC DAILY SPECIAL: ALL 1/8's WILL WEIGH 4 GRAMS...BUY 1 GET $10 OFF 2ND GRAM ON WAXS AND BUDDERS   Venice Medical Center (ilw,inc) is a lawful non-profit Cooperative of qualified medical patients associating to cultivate and access...


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    Great prices for great weed. Conveniently located, knowledgable staff. I'll return.

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    I really like this place, great location, super friendly staff (hottest budtenders I've seen) and the place smells INCREDIBLE! They have a very nice variety of flowers /wax and a plethora of edibles including Sugar Rose Edibles (I had the Blackberry Zombie BEST GUMMY EVER!!) They also had drinks and chocolates... Their menu was so big I was overwhelmed, but my budtender helped me narrow it down nicely! I donated for some Headband and Candy Jack... Both which are flagrant and incredibly fresh. FTP options are: a free joint, a free dab or a free edible. Only downside are the prices, wish I could've gotten more bud for my buck... But I'm just being picky cuz I'm on a budget this month... Great place if you have the dough, though! B+

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    Terrible customer service and mediocre bud
    First off I called them to ask if they had a first time patient offer. I was told yes, but the person on the phone wasn't allowed to tell me what. Which is odd since pretty much every other place has no problem telling what it is. There is no discussion of specific strains or anything so why not just say it? Well I made the mistake of actually going there, something which I regret. I go and look through their mediocre buds, and am told the first time patient offer is a free store t-shirt. Really? A t-shirt is the big secret you're not allowed to talk about? Then the budtander said "Maybe I can scrape up an oil hit for you". Scrape up? That's how you treat a first time patient to get them to return? No,I'll pass on that. I made my choice and before leaving was asked if I wanted the shirt. Hell no, I don't want to advertise you're POS dispensary. What a joke. Please, don't waste your time here.

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