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Damariscotta Weed Delivery Reviews

  • This place is awesome in multiple ways including GREAT price and GOOD quality. The other reviewer here Matt J. has a stick up his butt for some reason, idk why. Last I checked it's 25 a slice for bud, awesome bud, and a good selection too. i give the location 5 because it's discreet. the staff is great and knowledgable about their product. you can smoke their GSC every day it's an awesome version. They are also vertically integrated which bodes well for the quality control of the product. and it is quality medical. Don't listen to Matt J. I live in Camden and come here all the time. I go to Sweet relief and scrimshaw also, but i go to this shop more because the hours work for me and there's a really intimate feel to the back room. you get one on one attention, they give mad respect to the customer relationship. Very professional and I haven't encountered lower prices anywhere. and they had an EXCELLENT first time customer discount last time i checked. Go. You'll see.

  • I’ve been to a handful of dispensaries in Maine. Never have I seen a business rob people of their money like this. $30 for 100mg edible and $50 for tincture. For about a 25 minute drive you can go to sweet relief in Northport and get a 300mg candy bar for $20. Better quality as well. Then if you want to put 20 in gas in your vehicle I recommend driving to Ellsworth. $20 kief brownies that can be around 5-8 doses. Or better tincture for $20 less. Clearly patients are not as important as their income. Never go to this place. Go anywhere but here. Also their oil carts are poorly filled.

  • Friendly staff good selection my go to stop

  • Have been a regular customer since they opened. Great quality. Staff really knows the product! No one else can compare! Love this place!

  • Rude and very unprofessional. They made no effort to communicate with us in a polite manner. Rudely gestured "many times" that we just wasn't listening...I left feeling uneducated and hopeless. This was my first visit and I will never return.

  • Amazing all around! Best medicine, best people and best vibe.

  • Awesome and clean facility! The staff is great! They are always able to answer all of my questions and help me get the right medicine for my condition. I value this place deeply. Thank You WCM!

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