Charlemont Dispensary Reviews

  • Has pretty good weed

  • Excellent place, folks, products, and deals. TripleM is the best!!!

  • Prices are high, though not outrageously so for a dispensary (you'll end up paying around $115 for 7g) but the staff is friendly and the flower is fantastic

  • I DESPISE this horrendous dispensary! Anywhere but this place, I swear,avoid like the plague!!!

  • I place my order online which makes it easier for me to find the strain I want. They're always bringing in new buds.

  • Over priced way to take advantage

  • 30 dollars a gram and up you can keep it i will stick to my guy and get it for far less fuck these guys and every Other store in Massachusetts they are all way over priced i was getting a half ounce in D.C. for 80 and an ounce of premium shake for 100 dollars delivered with where's weed

  • We were running low on edibles and used Happy Valley as an excuse to take a beautiful drive up the coast. Their facility is gorgeous and the selection - while limited - offered exactly the type of gummies and chocolate we were looking for. Their gummies were not the typical sticky cubes you find in lots of MA dispensaries, they were well-made and tasted GREAT, as did the dark chocolate.

    Happy Valley
  • They aren"t even open for business yet so how can it have 5.0 rating?

  • I love my dispensary trips to Patriottttza XR’sexe

  • Awsome product and serviceee

  • i agree with y'all. i recommend angelalynch2012(add on s.n.a.p.c.ha.t) for best deals on top quality meds.. he has it all

  • Sanctuary in Gardner is very good and they are very knowledgeable about their product

  • I love this website

  • Best variety of weed prices okay people great

  • Great

  • 0 stars I have spent a total of 8 hours in the last two days trying to connect. I have called the number and have been disconnected countless times. The website says I have a broken link. What's going on?

  • Love coming Here so much I even came on my wedding day after the ceremony! The staff/budtenders are always welcoming and even smiling underneath the mask. Med quality is great they are our local go to. My only suggestion is when they are packing pre-rolls to try and pack it tighter. The last time I go the pre rolls they were all loosely rolled so I had to fix it or it wouldn’t burn or smoke correctly . that doesn’t stop me from coming here. Highly recommended .

  • Fantastic people fantastic service!!

  • Garbage go to any other Lowell weed delivery service

  • Absolutely an incredible team. I buy med and rec in MA and just Theory, love their people and vibe, a cut above the rest.

  • How long does it usually take for an order to be confirmed? This is my first time ordering so I’m not to sure if I did this correctly. I tried to call but haven’t gotten a response yet.

  • Ever experience has been amazing, and the quality is great!

    Ganja Gala
  • Fast. And they communicated with me well that's as ll you can ask for.

  • Extremely quick and efficient. Good quality bud, and everyone seems pretty chill. Was a great first time purchase, looking forward to more! :)

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