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  • Besides the driver parking about 4 houses down from my house the experience was excellent. Very fresh buds. Potent. Definitely will be back!!

  • Prices are sky high. As high as I've ever seen. It's a cliqy place reminds me of Starbucks. Rushed in rushed out. Didnt even buy bud. I left because I felt depressed. No parking a guy in a vest will charge u 5,$ forget this place it's for rich kids.

  • How do I get a menu

  • Best service online!!!

    Best Buds
  • Temescal Wellness/HUDSON is in a perfect location just off rt 495 (Hudson/Berlin) so across the street from a gas station/ in store Dunkins, hotel, minutes from downtown hudson and also minutes from a strip plaza with Market Basket, 110 Grill, Subway, and Mooyah in the opposite direction. As a MA medical patient, you can park at the property and have your own register for a speedy transaction. Recreational (adult-use) including out of state medical consumers have to use a shuttle located at 26 Houghton Ct. (downtown hudson) and it's quick, safe, and with normal drivers. Usually there's no line and the shuttle is not much of a inconvenience. Sometimes there's a handful of customers and during wintry weather they bring out two shuttles. It's a agreement with the town and for security in mind. I really like their flower from brand name Perch Harvests •only• becuz it's sticky, grown with care, and dried/cured very well. I've been to a dozen dispensaries here up to 60 mile r

  • Called to make sure they were delivering, nice guy said yes and I ordered on the app. I call again to make sure about the delivery and the wait time. He says it should take from 2-2.5 hours... I understand but since it’s been more than 3 hours now and I can’t wait any longer, I have things to do and I am forced to cancel, I would be ok with waiting a little if they call to tell me a status update. I sent a message at 7:27 asking to let me know when they where coming, but it’s been almost an hour and no one replied that either. :( Ordered: 5:13 Contacted: 7:27 Cancelled 8:30

    Best Buds
    Paola reviewed Best Buds
  • Definitely will be ordering again good quality top shelf meds

  • Service was terrible..weed was dry..I weighed it and it was 13.3 grams instead of 14. Not a big deal but when I’m paying top dollar I expect more! Save your time and money people

  • Hey y’all, I’m writing to leave my experience with top shelf. I order two grams of concentrate. Communication was great and they gave me a to the minuet window of when the driver would arrive. The first gram I got was bomb, however the second one was some of the worst ones I’ve ever had in my life. They borderline taste fake, was an instant headache when I dabbed it. I actually threw the gram away. It’s from laboratory extracts. It’s the one with the little dude pouring out a beaker with spikey hair. I’d stay away from this concentrate. Very very sketch. But like I said the other one I got was absolutely bomb and the service was top notch. Only writing here cause I don’t want anyone to get sick cause those dabs were very sketch.

  • You guys are always so responsive and the service is fast! I thoroughly enjoy ordering through you guys. As we speak I am waiting for approval on the next one :) Thank you!

  • I had to cancel an order because of time constraints. I received an incredible amount of pushback and guilt trip from the delivery driver. Poor customer service and pushy.

  • Prices are competitive with all dispensaries, quality of bud is excellent, but what really differentiates then from others is there timely and speedy delivery services. After confirmation my order has always arrived with 45 mins. Excellent delivery service comes highly recommended

    Ganja Gala
  • They ghosted me after spending over an hour registering through their website, ordering, online chatting, and texting. Super shady vibe, and no concern for the customer.

    Ganja Gala
    Otis reviewed Ganja Gala
  • This place is amazing. Chris is so knowledgeable and the store is set up perfectly

  • Knowledgeable staff were very friendly. Only dispensary around with little to no wait. Can't tell you how many times I've just walked in bought weed and walked out. They are open 7 days a week (also its about 56$ for an eighth and 18$ for prerolled) and I heard they just got vape pens back. I will definitely be back. might become my only plug just for the convenience.

  • When I try to look up products, prices etc I get nowhere....it is almost like this place isn't open at all...no menu..etc... forget it.

  • Overwhelmingly positive experience! I'm sticking with these guys.

  • Really impressive quality, rivaling any dispensary in my area! Blown away by how fast the delivery was. Very friendly driver, and great communication.

  • Awesome place very knowledgeable professional people high quality stuff

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