Smoke Shop Reviews in Gaylord, MI

  • So sad after I drove from Marquette only to find my favorite place in the world was closed. I missed seeing all the smiling faces of patients and employees, I missed the strong beautiful aroma of the waiting room. I missed the thoughtful treatment planning the staff offered me and 100s of other patients. So after my journey to find out of the closure I am happy to see you are open again and can’t wait to schedule my next trip! Love from Marquette, Jeremy

  • Awesome tenders, awesome prices on flower. Just an all around awesome, friendly,comfortable, safe place to buy medicine.

  • I see that nobody mentioned how these guys gave Christmas gifts to all of their regular patients, or how awesome that was. It was a beautiful and comforting holiday move, especially for me, since we're so far from family. I forgot to say "thank you" before. Thank you.

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